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MPTC has developed from our desire to build on our past practices within our Movement Principle studios of mentoring pilates instructors to achieve their professional goals. Having facilitated students in our studio and guided them through their training, as well as supporting new teachers in the first few years of their career, we’ve always found great pride and responsibility of coaching the next generation of teachers.

We are taking this a step further in 2019, developing a supportive and comprehensive environment for all stages of the pilates teacher journey, by stepping up to deliver and host nationally accredited professional training and allowing us to be involved across multiple facets of the student journey and beyond.

We also love sharing our knowledge and having opportunities to connect with our colleagues from the wider community and MPTC offers a new platform to extend and expand these offerings.

MPTC Professional’s Mentoring helps provide connection and support for teachers who may be well into their journey of movement teaching and looking for support and guidance to create their perfect career.




Pilates Instructor Training

MPTC is proud to be the official Brisbane Training Site for PITC Pilates instructor training. Pilates
International Training Centre has been delivering Pilates professional education programs in
Australia for longer than any other educational body and as their Brisbane delivers VET registered
training for pilates instructors: (will send through some additional words here from PITC stuff)
- Matwork
- Mat & reformer
- Diploma
- Advanced Diploma

TRX Instructor training

Introduction to TRX and our general feelings/ beliefs and values. Process as
described to student wanting to undertake.
TRX Info and Overview
Course date for Brisbane
Link to enrolment
Contact for info and enquiries

Continuing Education

Value of continuing education
Workshops for Professionals
Workshops for public link from MPP/ to MPP


Value of mentoring and role it plays in the role of pilates and wellness advocate
Mentoring for Pilates Students
Mentoring for Pilates Professionals
Mentoring for Studio Owners

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