March 28th + 29th 2020


Exploration lab

All roads lead to Joe. Spend four hours exploring the meat and potatoes of Classical Pilates today. We will look at some ‘mythconceptions’, identify hallmarks of at least three prominent lineages and leave you with a clear idea of where the work sits today in contemporary practice. This session will mix discussion, reflection and plenty of physical Pilates exploration across the studio apparatus to help you discover your own links within the work and enhance your Pilates teaching perspective. Bring your questions and share your observations as we discuss the true method through ‘the order’, the shapes and how the work can be used to retain your clients for years to come.

As an experienced Contemporary Pilates teacher and movement educator who ‘bridged’ across to Classical Pilates and continued to study the work of JHP, I would like to share my discoveries which I use with my clientele every day. What I view as ‘Classical Pilates’ today is fairly different to five years ago, or 2002 when I started my first comprehensive training. As I continue to explore various lineages and approaches globally, I do my best to educate clients and the community as to the true / original work.

Mat Masterclass 

Join us for a 75 minute dash to the finish line using the Return to Life mat sequence. This class is suitable for certified teachers of all backgrounds who share a passion for movement within the Pilates method. We will start start with the hundred and finish with control balance into the Push up! Get ready to move and enjoy the flow experienced from the original order that JHP created. 

Study carefully. Do not sacrifice knowledge to speed in building your solid exercise regime on the foundation of Contrology. Follow instructions exactly as indicated down to the very smallest detail. There IS a reason!

Joseph Pilates

Mat Masterclass ‘digestion’

Now that you have experienced the full mat. Let’s digest and explore what we accomplished. We will look at key exercises in detail, observe the links from one to another, the building blocks that ensure success and most importantly, how movement is more important than perfection. Bring your questions in your body and mind, let’s Return to Life, together. 

Things That Make You Go Hmmm.....

TMR + MPP professional workshop.
Get the most of your career in Pilates.

Join Nicholas Psarros of The Movement Refinery, Melbourne, and Anita Thompson and Catherine Neal of Movement Principle, Brisbane in this collaborative workshop as we share with you the tips and tricks of the trade after many years in the industry and in Pilates businesses.

We explore the keys to success in this sometimes challenging and always passionate field, by examining three key pillars of Pilates professional practice: Mentoring, Mindfulness and Management. Make sure you're in the game for long time, and a good time. Make Pilates life work for you!