February 1st + 2nd 2020


Applying the Pilates Method: The Jumpboard for Plyometric Training

Plyometric training refers to explosive exercise utilising powerful muscular contractions. The Pilates method offers a unique opportunity to train and challenge plyometric ability utilising the Jumpboard. In this workshop we will look at the mechanics of jumping as a plyometric activity and the integration of traditional and evolved Pilates Jumpboard exercises for plyometric training. It will also explore the use of the Jumpboard for plyometric conditioning of other joints and as an overall training concept that is essential for strength, resilience, effective joint stabilisation, and power.

Right From the Beginning: The Warm Up as Efficient Preparation

Effective preparation underpins the whole client program. The ‘Warm Up’ section (before The Hundred) of any program provides the opportunity to make or break the session. It is here that we can strategically set up muscle patterns, postural address, and specific focus that allow the program to build from an effective starting point. This preparation section can then be honed for client home practice and progression. In this workshop explore and experience warm up sequences based on strategic movement pattern and postural address, and take away strategies for maximising the preparation section of any workout within appropriate time frames and with reasoning for different client types.

Sally developed this workshop specifically developed for delivery at the PMA Conference in Las Vegas 2018 and this will be the first time she has delivered in Australia.  Straight from Vegas to Perth!!

Matwork Masterclass

This masterclass will integrate the Pilates matwork with standing and dynamic work, aiming at strengthening aerobic tissue within the control and biomechanical precision of the work. This class should have you glowing and energised, and give Pilates teachers inspiration for building a cardiovascular strengthening effect within the specificity of the Pilates method matwork for our modern clients.

Reformer Masterclass

Join Sally for a challenging Reformer masterclass focusing on precision of the movements, connection, transitions, variations and more.